There are a few different ways you can pay your membership invoice:

  1. Online: By logging into your MyACG account, you can renew so each year. The best option is to enroll in Auto-Renew, so you will automatically be renewed without having to think about it!
  2. Receive an invoice: When you are approaching your expiration date, we will send you a notification via email and an invoice by mail to let you know that your membership is expiring in 90 days. From there, you can pay online on your MyACG account by credit card, or you can send a check.

The best way to check:

Log into your MyACG profile: 

In the Profile box, you should see a red button. The red button should includ one of the titles below:

  • Auto-Renew: means you’re all set, but you can go ahead and click auto renew so you don’t have to worry!
  • Renew: means your membership is about to expire, you have not renewed yet
  • Rejoin: means your membership has lapsed
  • Join: means it’s time for you to officially be a member


You can pay via credit card by clicking Renew/Rejoin/Join. 

Print out:

On the left hand side of the screen, in the grey menu area, click "Invoices" under the Billing Menu.

You'll see all the invoices and payments that have been made on your account.

On the right side of the list, and you can choose to print and then submit the check for payment. 

You'll use the invoice as your receipt.

Want to make it even easier? 

To add a Stored Payment:

One the left hand side of the screen, in the grey menu area, click "Saved Payment Methods" under the Billing Menu.

Any previous saved credit card info will show up on the right side of your screen.

To add in a new payment method, fill out the form and click save.

Your new saved payment method should then show up in the list on the right.

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